We are a small business located in Golden Grove, South Australia offering the following services:

Thai Yoga Massage: The full massage is practiced fully clothed on a floor mat. It combines assisted stretches, massage, acupressure, energy work (sen lines) and meditation. It’s the only therapy that applies massage and a stretch. There are a few photos on my website; however, you can find some more in depth information and photos at

Thai Yoga Massage is a branch of Ayurveda - Yoga’s sister science. It is ancient wisdom still being used today. It takes years of study to become a practitioner and there are lots of branches of Ayurveda. Thailand took this massage from Ayurveda and evolved it - it is continuing to evolve by many different massage masters.

Thai Foot Reflexology: A combination of Thai Foot reflexology and Thai Yoga Massage, affecting the whole body through aware stimulation of the sen lines and marma points. Utilising both dry and wet massage (with and without balm) as well as a Thai Foot stick, to glide the lines and pressure points with greater accuracy and precision than the hands alone could provide. This is a powerful healing tool that can be implemented on its own, or as an addition to the full body massage.

Corporate classes Yoga or meditation classes in your office or facility. Classes can be an ongoing weekly service or a one off class for a special occasion.

Private Yoga classes Do you have a particular health condition that you may be able to keep in check with a weekly practice? Do you find going to a large group class a bit overwhelming? Do you just want to master a certain posture or work on connecting your breath to each movement? A private one on one session is a great way to work towards creating your own personalised practice. Maybe bring a friend or a partner and share the cost for individual focus than a group class can provide.